European Cloud Computing Provider UpCloud to Start Personal Data Protected Cloud Services in the US!

European Cloud Computing Provider UpCloud to Start Personal Data Protected Cloud Services in the US!
European Cloud Computing Provider UpCloud to Start Personal Data Protected Cloud Services in the US!

The Finish cloud computing infrastructure provider UpCloud developed a comprehensive data security model that can legally protect the personal information of the customers from accessing by the intelligence agencies.

This seems to be a big thing after Snowden broke the news of spying a few months back that the US agencies are spying the customers across the globe that use the cloud based services. The European cloud computing infrastructure provider company ‘UpCloud’ has announced this weekend that it is going to start a new cloud based services that would protect the users from any intrusion of security agencies into their personal information.


The company has not disclosed the complete legal plan of this model of business, but it clearly indicated that the company is going to establish a data center in the United States and will start a new model of business, which will be legally protected not to allow security agencies to intrude into the personal information of the customers for spying purposes.

According to the company statement the Finish privacy laws will prove to be very instrumental in protecting the personal data from any kind of leakage or spying. Meanwhile, it was also maintained in the statement that this entire secure service would be under one account – so, the customer will not face any performance and speed issue in accessing the cloud computing based services offered by the company.

In his statement, Antti Vilppone, the General Manager of UpCloud company said, “Some of our European cloud computing service provider companies have solved the situation by building separate services into each data center. This basically protects customers from cross-border inquiries, but the customer experience in using these services is poor. They have different accounts to different data centers without the possibility to migrate servers easily. With UpCloud, you are able to manage all your servers with a single account — improving usability (in addition to the privacy of your personal data) immensely.”

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company that, we are taking care of all aspects of both legal and technological requirements to make sure that customers get the most reliable, efficient and secure services without any exploitation of their privacy.

The company kept the mechanism of this model a bit secret, but it was clear from the statement that the company is fully confident to start over a new model of cloud computing based business that will address the privacy issue to a certain extent.

Cloud Hosting GoGrid to Launch Big Data Public Cloud API

Cloud Hosting GoGrid
Cloud Hosting GoGrid

With this groundbreaking API development, the customers would be able to have full access to different big data public cloud hosting solutions across multiple open source platforms.

“GoGrid cloud hosting already offers the customers to have an access to different open source platforms such as – Apache HBase, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Riak and others. But, now it is going a step forward in the domain of big data public cloud by announcing the launch of a new API for the developers to access the big data cloud solutions on multiple platforms” says the CEO of GoGrid Company Mr. John Keagy in his blog post.

He further elaborated about this ambitious project of API development that, this new API will open up the new dimensions for the developers break the concept of getting locked. He coined a new term for this new software as an Open Data Service or (ODS) market. With this API, the customers would be able to access multiple cloud hosting platforms of GoGrid Company.

This new service would be available through a portal called as 1-Button Deploy, which will allow the customers to access different big data related solutions on the GoGrid platforms. The customers will also be able to invoke their services through this new API developed by the development team of the company.

The CEO of the company further said, “GoGrid is creating a polyglot cloud for Big Data applications and that GoGrid provides a level of orchestration services that make it easier to manage the cloud environment. In effect, Keagy says that GoGrid is trying to bring all the benefits of a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment to the development of Big Data applications.” He further maintained that “Instead of standardizing on type of big data platform, it’s clear at this point that developers will be building multiple types of Big Data applications, which, based on the attributes of the application, are going to be better suited for one platform or another.”

It is being anticipated by the experts in the domain of cloud hosting and cloud computing industry that this new ambitious project of GoGrid cloud hosting company can prove to be a big platform for opening up a new dimension in big data business. Meanwhile, it is very clear that GoGrid plans to be the one stop shop OSS for a wide range of public cloud services.

Cloud Storage and Distaster Recovery Provider Axcient Launches Virtual Appliance

Cloud Storage and Distaster Recovery Provider Axcient
Cloud Storage and Distaster Recovery Provider Axcient

The virtual appliance VA is a software based cloud storage infrastructure that can increase the profit margins of MSP by 30% or more.

The cloud storage is one of the fundamental parts of the on-site disaster recovery mechanism. Cloud storage and disaster recovery provider understands it more than the others do, which clearly depicts from its recent launch of the virtual appliance VA software.

This was announced by the company this week that it is going to launch a futuristic tool completely based on the software program called as ‘Virtual Appliance’ VA. This program will initially run on the VMware cloud computing ecosystem, but – within a few months – the system would be available for other cloud computing virtualization platforms.

This service focuses on the reduction of hardware equipment and subsequently the upfront cost for the large as well as small enterprises. With the help of this offering, both the enterprises and the managed service providers MSPs would be able to increase their profits and reduce their upfront and operational costs by more than 30 percent.

In his statement, Justin Moore, the CEO of the Axcient Company said, “This new offering would open up new horizons for the business partners, storage providers and customers to reduce their hardware cost for implementing the disaster recovery policy; although, the physical infrastructure is the keystone of company’s core architecture to support disaster recovery services at the back end.” He further added that “VA would enable MSPs to host the infrastructure for the big enterprises and corporations; and, it will reduce the capital cost for small and medium businesses.”

It was also elaborated in the official statement of the company that presently the virtual appliance offering is being released for VMware hypervisor due to its high position in the marketplace, but within the a few months other hypervisors will also be supported by this cloud storage software of cloud computing technology.

While talking about the security and capability of this cloud computing service, the company statement highlights that “The virtual appliance enables protection of both private and public cloud environments, providing multi-tenant protection of disparate server clusters under one recovery-as-a-service cloud.”

This software application is capable to scale the cloud computing storage environment up to 20 Tera Byte per virtual machine. Now, MSPs can easily expand their operation by reducing the hardware cost with virtual appliance software on comparatively less hardware to synch multiple on-site machines to the Axcient backup storage.

Cloud Hosting SingleHop Establishes New Partnership with Telecom Brokerage Inc. TBI

SingleHop Cloud Hosting Provider
SingleHop Cloud Hosting Provider

The SinleHop cloud hosting company is eyeing on a bigger market share through new partnership with the telecom master agent TBI.

This was announced by the SingleHop cloud hosting and dedicated server provider company that it is going to re-establish the distribution and reselling partnership with the country’s largest telecom master agent Telecom Brokerage Inc (TBI) to grab a bigger share in the domain of the cloud computing infrastructure services. The company plans to increase its service base with the help of the telecom master agent that provides the most competitive and aggressive marketing to sell the telecom and cloud hosting resources to the end users and the enterprise customers across the country and abroad.

Telecom Brokerage Inc. or TBI is one of the most prominent agents in the domain of telecom and information technology; it provides a consolidated solution through its most dynamic and professional one-stop-source (OSS) platform. The company offers the IT and telecom solution – via different providers – along with the unbiased industry advice and counselling for their businesses. The other features offered by this master agent company include aggressive pricing schemes, and comprehensive solutions based on voice, internet, cloud hosting, cloud computing infrastructure, managed services, mobility and others IT components.

It was further explained in the company’s statement that the company (SingleHop) plan to establish the most reliable partnership to provide the enhanced quality of the cloud hosting and dedicated server provisioning with strict service level agreement SLA commitments. The company is very optimistic with this partnership to increase its customer base across the country in this fiercely competitive environment of cloud based services.

While talking about the SingleHop partnership, the vice president of TBI, Ken Mercer Sr, said, “We have the highest regards for SingleHop’s leadership, their offerings and flexible approach to the market – SingleHop’s Bare Metal offering is a great first step for those customers looking to move into the cloud. It is a real alternative to collocation, yet without all the costs of managed hosting, and the customer retains complete control and management of their environments via SingleHop’s LEAP portal. Attendances for our Cloud Clarity events have been overwhelming. Our Agents want to better understand how to position and sell cloud, and we are convinced that the SingleHop Channel team is one of the strongest in the industry and truly understands the partner community.”


The VP Channel Sales of SingleHop, Mark A. Mercado, said, “We are proud of our partnership with BTI and will be able to provide the best solutions to our target customers.”

CanadianWebHosting Launches New SSD Cloud Servers with Enhanced Management Features

CanadianWebHosting Launches New SSD Cloud Servers
CanadianWebHosting Launches New SSD Cloud Servers

With New SSD Cloud Servers, customers would enjoy the speed, flexibility and control over the cloud computing infrastructure along with the enhanced features of service management.

The leading cloud hosting and cloud computing infrastructure provider, Canadian web hosting announced on Feb 4, 2014 that it has released its new SSD cloud servers that are integrated with the latest cutting edge features and tools related to service management and monitoring. These features include a unified single interface to fast deploy the cloud servers and availability of hundreds of templates for cloud computing resource implementation. This wide range of templates will enable the customers to deploy the cloud servers within a period of less than 60 seconds.

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company that these enhanced SSD cloud servers would allow the clients to meet a wide range of needs of web hosting, application hosting, indexing and database hosting – such as, performance, speed, flexibility, automatic backups and dispersed geographical locations for better redundancy.

In his statement, the director at Canadian Web Hosting Company, Mr. Matt McKinny said, “Today’s cloud hosting customer is increasingly looking for flexible and higher performance cloud hosting offerings that can support the most demanding cloud applications, and be capable of scaling without comprising performance – With our new SSD Cloud Servers, we have redefined the benchmark for performance in a Canadian public cloud by offering customers best-in-class cloud hosting that exceeds industry benchmarks and exceeds other industry providers at a lower price point. These new servers are fast and when combined with proven governance and business processes to help customers protect their data in Canada with proactive 24/7 support, you’ve got a very compelling cloud service.”

In the company press release statement, it was further elaborated that the company’s new offer would be beneficial to its existing and new customers – meanwhile, the company is helping its customers that are planning to migrate to Canadian cloud hosting services to work out their migration plans without any charges. The main services of the company that have been enhanced with the latest release of the management tools include, all cloud hosting services, VPS servers, dedicated servers and other cloud computing infrastructure provisioning.

The analysts in the cloud computing industry believe that a positive competition will grow in the near future.

After Amazon Q4 Results, IBM Stakes Claim As Leading Cloud Computing Service Provider

After Amazon Q4 Results, IBM Stakes Claim As Leading Cloud Computing Service Provider
After Amazon Q4 Results, IBM Stakes Claim As Leading Cloud Computing Service Provider

The Amazon Q3 financial results show the big portion of revenue in “Other” category. IBM takes it as an opportunity to stake its claim of being the leader in the cloud computing industry.

Amazon cloud computing service provider company has announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of past fiscal year 2013. According to those results, the company earned a revenue of $1.234 billion in the third quarter, which includes a huge portion under the category of “Others”. This category includes AWS services of the company too.

These results provided a good pitch for the IBM company to stake its claim to become the leading company in the domain of cloud computing services. IBM pitched itself as the leader in the marketplace through a press release statement on Friday after analyzing the Amazon’s financial results.

According to the press release statement of the Big Blue Company, “Amazon’s full-year “other” North America revenue, which includes AWS was $3.9 billion, while IBM’s comparable number was $4.4 billion,” “This is the reason that it (IBM) leads the leagues in cloud since it invested on more than $2 billion to purchase the SoftLayer company recently” added the press release.

It was further elaborated in the official statement that “By definition, even if EVERY penny of ‘other’ revenue was in Amazon Web Services — and it obviously isn’t — IBM sold at least $0.5 billion more in cloud than AMZ in 2014, and IBM also grew at a faster rate (69 percent for FY 2013). That’s on $4.4 billion in cloud revenue for the year with $1.7 billion in cloud/SaaS services for IBM.”

It is very imperative that Amazon deals in the public cloud offering especially for third party softwares and platforms – while on the other hand, IBM is stronger on the private cloud side and it has a huge chunk of revenue coming from SaaS services. Software and the hardware services are the major contributor of the IBM revenue – $1.7 billion from SaaS and $2.7 billion from software, hardware and services.

It is fact that IBM will lead in the domain of cloud computing industry if we put SaaS, private cloud, public cloud, and application into one bucket of cloud services. Many services hosted in the Amazon cloud belong to third party software and applications, that does not count for Amazon revenue.