CanadianWebHosting Launches New SSD Cloud Servers with Enhanced Management Features

CanadianWebHosting Launches New SSD Cloud Servers
CanadianWebHosting Launches New SSD Cloud Servers

With New SSD Cloud Servers, customers would enjoy the speed, flexibility and control over the cloud computing infrastructure along with the enhanced features of service management.

The leading cloud hosting and cloud computing infrastructure provider, Canadian web hosting announced on Feb 4, 2014 that it has released its new SSD cloud servers that are integrated with the latest cutting edge features and tools related to service management and monitoring. These features include a unified single interface to fast deploy the cloud servers and availability of hundreds of templates for cloud computing resource implementation. This wide range of templates will enable the customers to deploy the cloud servers within a period of less than 60 seconds.

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company that these enhanced SSD cloud servers would allow the clients to meet a wide range of needs of web hosting, application hosting, indexing and database hosting – such as, performance, speed, flexibility, automatic backups and dispersed geographical locations for better redundancy.

In his statement, the director at Canadian Web Hosting Company, Mr. Matt McKinny said, “Today’s cloud hosting customer is increasingly looking for flexible and higher performance cloud hosting offerings that can support the most demanding cloud applications, and be capable of scaling without comprising performance – With our new SSD Cloud Servers, we have redefined the benchmark for performance in a Canadian public cloud by offering customers best-in-class cloud hosting that exceeds industry benchmarks and exceeds other industry providers at a lower price point. These new servers are fast and when combined with proven governance and business processes to help customers protect their data in Canada with proactive 24/7 support, you’ve got a very compelling cloud service.”

In the company press release statement, it was further elaborated that the company’s new offer would be beneficial to its existing and new customers – meanwhile, the company is helping its customers that are planning to migrate to Canadian cloud hosting services to work out their migration plans without any charges. The main services of the company that have been enhanced with the latest release of the management tools include, all cloud hosting services, VPS servers, dedicated servers and other cloud computing infrastructure provisioning.

The analysts in the cloud computing industry believe that a positive competition will grow in the near future.

Author: Celia Graham

Celia Graham is a Canadian technology journalist who has written for many news outlets. she has covered the web hosting and cloud computing industry. She also has a roving brief to write about Startups, Venture Capital, technology trends and emerging markets.

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