Cloud Storage and Distaster Recovery Provider Axcient Launches Virtual Appliance

Cloud Storage and Distaster Recovery Provider Axcient
Cloud Storage and Distaster Recovery Provider Axcient

The virtual appliance VA is a software based cloud storage infrastructure that can increase the profit margins of MSP by 30% or more.

The cloud storage is one of the fundamental parts of the on-site disaster recovery mechanism. Cloud storage and disaster recovery provider understands it more than the others do, which clearly depicts from its recent launch of the virtual appliance VA software.

This was announced by the company this week that it is going to launch a futuristic tool completely based on the software program called as ‘Virtual Appliance’ VA. This program will initially run on the VMware cloud computing ecosystem, but – within a few months – the system would be available for other cloud computing virtualization platforms.

This service focuses on the reduction of hardware equipment and subsequently the upfront cost for the large as well as small enterprises. With the help of this offering, both the enterprises and the managed service providers MSPs would be able to increase their profits and reduce their upfront and operational costs by more than 30 percent.

In his statement, Justin Moore, the CEO of the Axcient Company said, “This new offering would open up new horizons for the business partners, storage providers and customers to reduce their hardware cost for implementing the disaster recovery policy; although, the physical infrastructure is the keystone of company’s core architecture to support disaster recovery services at the back end.” He further added that “VA would enable MSPs to host the infrastructure for the big enterprises and corporations; and, it will reduce the capital cost for small and medium businesses.”

It was also elaborated in the official statement of the company that presently the virtual appliance offering is being released for VMware hypervisor due to its high position in the marketplace, but within the a few months other hypervisors will also be supported by this cloud storage software of cloud computing technology.

While talking about the security and capability of this cloud computing service, the company statement highlights that “The virtual appliance enables protection of both private and public cloud environments, providing multi-tenant protection of disparate server clusters under one recovery-as-a-service cloud.”

This software application is capable to scale the cloud computing storage environment up to 20 Tera Byte per virtual machine. Now, MSPs can easily expand their operation by reducing the hardware cost with virtual appliance software on comparatively less hardware to synch multiple on-site machines to the Axcient backup storage.

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