European Cloud Computing Provider UpCloud to Start Personal Data Protected Cloud Services in the US!

European Cloud Computing Provider UpCloud to Start Personal Data Protected Cloud Services in the US!
European Cloud Computing Provider UpCloud to Start Personal Data Protected Cloud Services in the US!

The Finish cloud computing infrastructure provider UpCloud developed a comprehensive data security model that can legally protect the personal information of the customers from accessing by the intelligence agencies.

This seems to be a big thing after Snowden broke the news of spying a few months back that the US agencies are spying the customers across the globe that use the cloud based services. The European cloud computing infrastructure provider company ‘UpCloud’ has announced this weekend that it is going to start a new cloud based services that would protect the users from any intrusion of security agencies into their personal information.


The company has not disclosed the complete legal plan of this model of business, but it clearly indicated that the company is going to establish a data center in the United States and will start a new model of business, which will be legally protected not to allow security agencies to intrude into the personal information of the customers for spying purposes.

According to the company statement the Finish privacy laws will prove to be very instrumental in protecting the personal data from any kind of leakage or spying. Meanwhile, it was also maintained in the statement that this entire secure service would be under one account – so, the customer will not face any performance and speed issue in accessing the cloud computing based services offered by the company.

In his statement, Antti Vilppone, the General Manager of UpCloud company said, “Some of our European cloud computing service provider companies have solved the situation by building separate services into each data center. This basically protects customers from cross-border inquiries, but the customer experience in using these services is poor. They have different accounts to different data centers without the possibility to migrate servers easily. With UpCloud, you are able to manage all your servers with a single account — improving usability (in addition to the privacy of your personal data) immensely.”

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company that, we are taking care of all aspects of both legal and technological requirements to make sure that customers get the most reliable, efficient and secure services without any exploitation of their privacy.

The company kept the mechanism of this model a bit secret, but it was clear from the statement that the company is fully confident to start over a new model of cloud computing based business that will address the privacy issue to a certain extent.

Author: Celia Graham

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