Cloud Hosting GoGrid to Launch Big Data Public Cloud API

Cloud Hosting GoGrid
Cloud Hosting GoGrid

With this groundbreaking API development, the customers would be able to have full access to different big data public cloud hosting solutions across multiple open source platforms.

“GoGrid cloud hosting already offers the customers to have an access to different open source platforms such as – Apache HBase, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Riak and others. But, now it is going a step forward in the domain of big data public cloud by announcing the launch of a new API for the developers to access the big data cloud solutions on multiple platforms” says the CEO of GoGrid Company Mr. John Keagy in his blog post.

He further elaborated about this ambitious project of API development that, this new API will open up the new dimensions for the developers break the concept of getting locked. He coined a new term for this new software as an Open Data Service or (ODS) market. With this API, the customers would be able to access multiple cloud hosting platforms of GoGrid Company.

This new service would be available through a portal called as 1-Button Deploy, which will allow the customers to access different big data related solutions on the GoGrid platforms. The customers will also be able to invoke their services through this new API developed by the development team of the company.

The CEO of the company further said, “GoGrid is creating a polyglot cloud for Big Data applications and that GoGrid provides a level of orchestration services that make it easier to manage the cloud environment. In effect, Keagy says that GoGrid is trying to bring all the benefits of a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment to the development of Big Data applications.” He further maintained that “Instead of standardizing on type of big data platform, it’s clear at this point that developers will be building multiple types of Big Data applications, which, based on the attributes of the application, are going to be better suited for one platform or another.”

It is being anticipated by the experts in the domain of cloud hosting and cloud computing industry that this new ambitious project of GoGrid cloud hosting company can prove to be a big platform for opening up a new dimension in big data business. Meanwhile, it is very clear that GoGrid plans to be the one stop shop OSS for a wide range of public cloud services.