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There’s more customer data available than ever, and that’s exactly why it’s so challenging to truly make sense of marketing data. While cloud-based analytics platforms have accelerated the availability and access of marketing data, it hasn’t made the marketer’s job any easier. It’s just the opposite. ‘Mo’ data, mo’ problems.’

Enterprises are stuck between fragmented data silos through cloud providers. There’s customer data, inventory data, log data, search data, reporting, analytics, CRM, session data, et. al – with different vendors supporting each. While “real-time” customer data sounds nice in theory, the actual process of broadcasting this information through the organization is time-consuming, expensive, fragmented, and frustrating. It requires highly trained, expensive analysts generally doing analysis below the grade of their PhD’s.

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It’s an Excel-spreadsheet-in-your-inbox world, and we’re just living in it.

That’s not to say there isn’t room for optimism. Both established vendors and the startup marketplace are gathering en masse around the following themes for to make data ultra-available and ultra-usable. You, the marketer, simply need to catch up.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The primary objectives for marketing analytics organizations today
  • An overview of the massively complex marketing data ecosystem. We counted 800+ vendors in use across 10 key marketing use cases
  • The top vendors available for every use case, who’s meeting expectations and who’s lagging
  • The types of advanced analysis your marketing organization needs to be investing in now to compete for customer relevance


John Cifuentes, VB Insight Analyst

Scott Beck, Master of Science in Customer Analytics, Xavier University
Dmitri Williams, CEO, Ninja Metrics

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